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Black August In The Park

As part of this year's commemoration of Black August we invite you to celebrate Blackness with us at the

BAP Pull-Up.

Imagine driving up to the state fairgrounds with 3 of your friends opening up your sunroof and windows to let in the sound of black music as the DJ takes the stage and the lights come on…

Black August in the Park is an annual event that honors the Black August traditions

This year due to The Ronoa we are reimagining what the community looks like by celebrating blackness from the safety of our cars.

The Pull Up is a tailgate festival where you can enjoy music and community from the safety of your car. We are also making it possible to join virtually so all of us can commemorate despite the pandemic.


Black August in the Park is space designed specifically for Black people to create joy, connect and heal. We honor the legacy of the Black August and bring it into a contemporary context that grants all black people access to its themes.

Black August in the Park is like a homecoming or family reunion. ALL Black people are welcome!

Come home to Black August in the Park

Our donors and monthly sustainers  help make all of our events possible. We encourage everyone who believes in our work to consider becoming a sustainer! 

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