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The Black Market is an annual marketplace for local, regional and national Black-owned businesses to gain exposure to new clientele and network with one another. The Black Market also provides educational opportunities to prospective business owners during our annual event. 

Details for 2020

Coming soon...

Who are the Vendors?

The Black Market is designed to provide a platform for Black business owners to reach new audiences and network with other small businesses in the region.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who believes that Black businesses deserve a platform and wants to see them grow is welcomed at the Black Market.

Anyone who wants an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Black Friday shopping is welcomed in the space. 

What should I expect?

Attendees should expect:


  • A diverse group of Black business vendors from around NC and the region. 

  • Delicious local food from Black restaurant vendors

  • Upbeat and soulful music as a sound track to your experience

  • An opportunity to fellowship and build with local business owners and the Durham and surrounding community. 

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