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To creatively inspire and connect people of African descent to assert their value and engage in social and cultural change.


Black August in the Park is an annual event hosted by the collective of the same name. Black August in the Park is reminiscent of a Black family reunion or a homecoming, with an additional emphasis on providing a platform for, and elevating the causes of social justice organizations.

We provide a space where people of ALL corners of the African diaspora and Black experience can connect with local and regional justice movements while unapologetically celebrating their blackness. 

We host our event in the heart of Downtown Durham to assert our Blackness in the most public way possible. As the city of Durham changes and the city center becomes less representative of Durham's Black population, we provide a space to boldy resist this change. 


Black August in the Park solicits Black owned food and beverage vendors to sell at our events. In order to maintain the family environment, we do not host retail vendors at THIS event (see The Black Market). We feature renowned DJ's that mix with live, local drumming for a unique musical experience. Black August in the Park is also a place for all age groups to engage and have fun. 


Black August in the Park is an opportunity for organizers, and social justice organizations to connect with people and communicate their cause in ways they may not otherwise have an opportunity to do so. 

  • Accountability
  • Consistency
  • Authenticity
  • All Black Everything.
  • All of us
  • Honor the Legacy of "Black August"

  • Move with Love

  • Respect

  • Make it Hot

The Vault at the Palace International
J. Cardinal Events
Parrish Street, LLC
The Underground Collective
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